Bathrooms nowadays are real design features in the home and estate agents often say that a bathroom can sell a house on its own, if well designed. Bathroom lights are an important part of the overall look desired and at Lighting Majestic you will find a huge range of lights, from ceiling lights to wall lights and even lights for sinking into the floor. A good way of introducing bathroom wall lights is to go for an illuminated mirror with the lights incorporated around it. This gives a good overall light and also a good working light for makeup or shaving.

As well as wall lights, most bathrooms would benefit from a ceiling light as well, and Lighting Majestic has a large range to choose from. Bathroom ceiling lights can be modern or more traditional, but with bathrooms becoming very hi-tech these days, the more sleek designs are becoming more common. Flush lights give a very good light whilst maintaining a sleek overall effect and also mean that the odd flying towel or rubber duck at bath time will not result in disaster.

If you are changing the bathroom lights in the house it is essential to get an accredited electrician to do the work. Bathrooms are zoned, depending on how far the area is from taps, steam etc and it is very important indeed that this is taken into account when doing any electrical work in this room. Water and electricity really don’t mix, but Lighting Majestic have made choosing the lights very easy, with a dedicated bathroom lighting section.

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