How to light a loft conversion

There are few home projects as exciting as converting an unused loft into a beautiful, functional room. However, lighting these spaces can be tricky because of their low ceilings and complicated slopes and beams, so if you want your loft to shine brightly, check out these 5 ways to bring light to a loft conversion.

1. Natural light

The first way to light a dark loft is to put in new windows or enlarge existing ones. Roof light windows are the simplest to install as they follow the natural slope of the roof and can be covered with fitted blinds. More expensive solutions, such as mansard or dormer windows, project out from the line of the roof and give you extra ceiling height inside the space. Whatever you choose, adding windows will help you to flood your loft with light during the day.

2. Low ceiling lights

Ceilings in loft conversions can be notoriously low because (aside from a 2-metre height clearance above staircases) there are no regulations that stipulate how high your ceilings should be. If your loft has low ceilings, you can use low ceiling lights which will sit flush against the ceiling and not take up valuable head room. The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice style for size – there are all sorts of beautiful flush ceiling lights available to match the decor of your loft space.

3. Recessed spotlights

If you don’t opt to change the shape of your roof, chances are you will end up with a sloped ceiling that is not big enough for a large overhead light fitting. This is where recessed spotlights come in – small and discreet, these clever fittings work beautifully in narrow ceilings, between roof beams or fitted into sloping ceilings, so you can have bright downlights in your loft without cluttering up the ceiling. Just add as many or as few as you need to get that clean, modern look.

4. Wall lights

If you want to layer the lighting in your loft but are strapped for ceiling space, wall lights are definitely the answer. On the walls, your decorative lighting can really come into its own, especially in dark corners or on walls that are low to the ground. Classic sconces can highlight important areas, such as a bed or a desk, or you can install lights that fit flush against your wall or that cast light both up and down – all these options are great for creating that dramatic layering effect.

5. Table lamps

Table lamps provide ample opportunity to make your loft lighting work for you. They’re movable, so you can live in the space, work out how you use it and then place the lights where you need them the most. You can find lamps to suit the height of your ceiling and to fit with the existing decor, or even to make a bold design statement against a neutral background.

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