8 Things Every Bedroom Needs

I think many people will admit that while attention is lavished on the areas of our home that others will see (like the living room, dining room and kitchen), less attention is given to our own personal space – the bedroom. It’s an easy room to neglect in the decorating stakes when it is only ourselves and our families that may see it but given that it’s our own personal haven, why do we choose to ignore something that’s so personal to us and one in which we begin and end each day?

So today I want to focus on 8 different things that will change your perception of your bedroom, give it the attention it deserves and create not only a functional room but a place you actually will want to spend time in.

Let’s get started!

A statement headboard

Since your bed takes up most of the real estate in your room, why not make it command the attention it gets by using a headboard that gives it wow factor? I love the use of a bold print here but of course, you may consider any style that suits your personality whether that’s a recovered piece of driftwood, a high back tufted buttoned number or sleek gleaming metal to bounce and reflect the light.

Touchable textures

I always say that you should splurge a little more on the objects that actually touch our skin and use every single day – so things like your bed linens are a perfect example of this. Make sure you have a lovely mix of textures in your space that make you want to crawl into bed each night. You spend a lot of time sleeping and life is simply too short for cheap bedding!

One stand out print

Even in the most minimal spaces, one stand out print can mean the difference between a room looking a bit cold and bland to one that looks full of life. It can be a cushion on your bed that picks up the colours in your room or contrasts with the rest of the space or a bench upholstered in a vintage fabric or a set of curtains which grab your attention – anything goes but make sure you love it!

Great art


Every room should have some art within it and the bedroom is no exception. Art is so subjective so what one person likes, another may not and that’s the beauty in it – everyone will be different. Why not show off your personality by hanging some great artwork in the room that really is the most personal reflection of ourselves?

Statement lighting

While lighting may be an afterthought, it’s important to make it a priority in any space and the bedroom is no different. So while you may have a bright overhead light, you’ll need some bedside table lamps or wall lamps that you can use to read, perhaps other lamps as well to create soft pools of light and create an ambiance in your room.

I love the shot of bright turquoise in this space so why not create a similar shot of colour with a pair of our stunning Chinoiserie style lamps flanking either side of your bed?

Lighting Majestic Chinese Lamp

Creative storage solutions

We can never get enough storage in our homes but I loved how the walls were utilised here to house an impressive collection of books that really become part of the décor. Consider things like wall shelving or under bed storage to utilise every available area for extra storage – your wardrobe will thank you for it!

A rug you can sink your feet into

Deep pile rug bedroom
Fluffy carpet on white background

There’s nothing worse than waking up on a chilly morning and having to put your feet onto a cold floor! So make that transition a little easier by having a rug under the bed. It also adds softness and texture to a room. Consider patterned rugs in rooms with understated décor or something more neutral to ground a colourful space.

A great tray to corral your smaller items

It’s always nice to have somewhere to place things like your favourite jewellery or your frequently used perfumes to hand. With smaller items like this, use a tray to corral them all in one spot, making the early morning rush hour a little easier!

How many of these items do you have in your bedroom? Is there anything I’ve missed? I’d love to hear from you!

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