9 great retro lights for your home

If you’re thinking of updating your interior, then aside from what colour to paint the walls or which furnishings might fit best, lighting is an essential component. The retro theme is popular in many homes which is why we’ve selected 9 great lights to suit the vintage homeware feel.

Dynamo pendant light

The Dynamo pendant light by DAR is the perfect retro light for any room in the home. The cream means it will work against many styles and colours of decor.

Dynamo antique chrome table lamp

 We love the Dynamo range and its easy to see why. This lamp would lift any side table or console, as well as acting as a practical lighting choice for the vintage home office.

Cafe pendant light

The cafe pendant light will make any breakfast bar come to life and at the same time offer a great source of task lighting. The green inner colour works extremely well against the brushed steel.

Alzira pendant light

Now here’s a light to stop and take notice of. This pendant light will surely be the main focus in any room. Ideal for a retro dinning room the bold colour will make it a very stylish accompaniment.

Dynamo 3 light bar pendant

The Dynamo range makes another appearance in our list. Why, because the design is the perfect lighting option for a home looking to bring the past into the future. This light fitting should ideally be featured in a open plan kitchen dinning room.

Arcs floor lamp

Arc lamps pack the wow factor and will enhance the look and lighting in your home. For best effect place it in the corner, over an arm chair or sofa which will provide you with great ambient light.

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